The Mind is Not your Friend

“Happily, you don’t have to deal with the content of mind, because the only thing you have to notice about it, is that what it’s doing, it’s doing spontaneously. It’s not the content of mind that’s interesting at all, what is of interest is the process of mind, it’s going on of its own. It has nothing to do with you, couldn’t care less about you. It’ll say very nasty things about you, you know what the mind does. “You’re guilty, you’re weak, you’re wasting your money, you’re a creep!” You can’t trust the mind at all, it’s not even your friend. It’s not even a friend. It just goes on and willy-nilly says all kinds of, when it runs out of thoughts, it’ll say, ibbity bibbity boo, boppity, bop, bop, bop. Picture some erotic scene from some movie when you were a teenager. It’ll think of something horrible about the future. Oh my, when the mind gets threatened with no thoughts, it really gets wild, it’ll just do anything crazy, think of stabbing yourself or something. You know, it’ll just do anything bizarre to keep going. When you look at the mind, then, don’t be bothered with it. It’s an endless phantasmagoria. I like that word, phantasmagoria. It just proliferates endless BS.”

From  “Realizing the Root of Consciousness: Meditative and Contemplative Techniques” June 2002 DVD, Disc 1


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