The Presence will sustain us

In an acute catastrophic situation, the mind tries to cling to that which is familiar. It tries escapism, distractions, tranquilizers, drugs and alcohol, and various other ways of trying to ameliorate the situation rather than face it directly and work through it.

The essence of a catastrophic situation is total surrender to the discovery of that which is greater than the personal self. The experiencing through completely of a catastrophe brings us into a connection and a realization that there is something within ourselves that has the power to sustain, no matter how catastrophic the experience appears to be. As a result, we come out on the other side of it as a greater person with the awareness that there is something within, that there is a Presence, a quality, or an aspect of life within that has the power to sustain us through the most seemingly impossible situations.

from Healing and Recovery, ch.8, pg. 256

14 thoughts on “The Presence will sustain us”

  1. The best approach to handle catastrophic situations. Thank you Susan. Gush of relief being experienced. And, of course, thank you Dr.Hawkins.:)))

  2. Dear Susan,
    How appropriate is the above reflection in today’s world.
    Thank you for providing us with “Doc’s” profound wisdom.
    May we hold his dear words close to our hearts.
    Take care,
    Sending you love and blessings

  3. Thank You Veritas for the wonderful work spreading the doc’s teachings. How wonderful the doc is. So much knowledge in his work.

  4. Gracias amada Susan. Dios nos bendice y tú Doc. te pide que nos continúes ayudando aunque no esté físicamente aquí.
    Besos y bendiciones.

  5. Love is all there is and may thy Love be felt in all hearts, Thank you Susan, For all of you years and dedication to the great work may Grace keep you lamp full eternally.
    P.S. Doc said to me in a dream a few years back Hey I’m not gone I’m working all the time it looked like he was in New Mexico funny cause I used to live just south of you guys and didn’t even know the levels of consciousness, Just The great spirit and praying deeply.

  6. Thank you Susan!
    I’m on Chapter 8 starting to read “ Handling Major Crisis”!
    So grateful for your reference to this book. Glad I had it in my library!

  7. Thank you Doc and Susan! That chapter literally saved my life and opened the door to a great inner discovery. It opened me to a Power greater than myself that can (and always is and was) handle whatever life brings.

  8. Thank you for the reference Susan. We are all so blessed to have our faith to guide us through these stormy waters and Doc’s wisdom to strengthen us. Sending Love from Downunder

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