There Are No Justified Resentments

In the spiritual world, the basic dictum is, “There are no justified resentments.” This statement is abhorred by the ego.  “Oh yeah,” it says, but what about so-and-so?” It then goes through its laundry list and litany of horrors, violations of ‘rights’, injustices, presumptive arguments of ‘ethics’, ‘morality’, etc. Every counselor, sponsor, or professional is familiar with such recitations.  To recover, the question one has to face is whether one wishes to cling to it (and thereby get the ‘juice’) or give it up.  This is the point of decision, without which healing cannot occur.

…Reluctance to forgive is a consequence not only of unwillingness to let go of the ego juice of perceived injustice but also the illusion that others do not ‘deserve’ it.  In reality, it is the forgiver and not the forgiven who benefits the most.

From Transcending the Levels of Consciousness, ch. 2, pg.56-57

9 thoughts on “There Are No Justified Resentments”

  1. Susan, I love that you choose paragraphs from different books that David wrote. It inspires me to reread them all.

  2. Thank you – timely message

    Went through a trial recently. Did lots of forgiveness, crying, still feel sad about episode. New decisions were made. Feels like it was a fuzzy dream in the past.

    Pray to just let it all go, heal. Focus on moving forward, get any further learning & be in Gods Love.

  3. Thank you Susan,

    I find such freedom in your words and how brilliantly you shared them!

    Your post helped me to remember ‘everyone is truly doing their best and if he or she could do better, they would.

    I am embracing the words of Jesus too… “Forgive them, for they know not what they do!”

    Thanks again!

  4. It occurs to me that “forgiveness” is similar to the 4 agreements idea of “never take anything personally.” I translate this in my mind to “don’t take offense and embrace the notion that most things we just don’t know.” We can see someone is acting out but we never can be sure about the “why.”

  5. I Love the Course In Miracles when it speaks of The Holy Instant. The love and gift of forgiveness that we give to our brother. And when we do so we both are released. Our Salvation happens together. Even though I don’t hate anyone, or even angry at what’s going on… there is still these thoughts and emotions of ‘I wish this was not happening’ or I shake my head because don’t they see?? And the mind goes off, but being With what Is. Doc has always said there is no cause and effect and there is only unfolding by virtue of that which it is. Just listening to Doc’s lecture on Causality. So much energy to hold matter together. That energy is the Field of God. So easy to forget that is within each and everyone of us too. Thank you for this beautiful post.

  6. Dear Susan, Thank you so much for sharing David’s wisdom it is so uplifting and vital for us all at this most difficult time.
    God bless you all.
    John Nettle

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