Existence as Existence is Total and Complete

.. In Reality, there are no events; there are no beginnings or endings. The backdrop is silent, still, and undisturbed by the movie. One’s reality is the context and not the content. … The movie itself has no intrinsic reality as perceived. The actual locus of the sense of realness lies totally within consciousness as subjectivity. Even if there were such a thing as an independent, objective reality, it would only be knowable because of one’s internal subjectivity.

… God can only be known and not proven. Beyond subjectivity, no world exists. Without the presence of God, nothing could be known or experienced, including one’s own existence. Existence as subjectivity is complete, total, and whole, and it is the very basis of joy. The Self is the Presence of the Source of Existence as the Infinite ‘I’.


… The novelty of sequential experiencing disappears, as do expectation, regret, or the desire to anticipate or control. Existence as Existence is total and complete. All one’s needs are already fulfilled. There is nothing to gain or lose and everything is of equal value. It would be like all movies being equally enjoyable because the pleasure stems from ‘going to the movies’, and the movie that is playing is irrelevant.

From I: Reality and Subjectivity p. 178-180

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