What is the resistance to “Surrender?”

Q: What do you think is the most frequent cause for our resistance to surrender?

A: We think that somehow, if we hang on to that feeling, it is going to get us what we want.  If we get stuck in a feeling, it is useful to look at the question of what we think we have accomplished by hanging on to it.  We will almost always find that we have a fantasy that it will have some effect on some other person and change their behavior or attitudes toward us.  If we let go of that, we become willing to let go of the feeling.

Letting Go: The Pathway to Surrender, Ch. 21, pg. 328

3 thoughts on “What is the resistance to “Surrender?””

  1. That is wonderful advice…I read and re-read “Letting Go”, and I give it to friends repeatedly…thank you…Tom

  2. So well put ! Exactly my inner experience for many years , too.

    Holding onto tension “against”… how I experience resistance in my body/mind: has a sensation ( both mental and physical; for me ) of substantiality …of “solid “ or dense in some way ;substance.

    There is fear around letting my identification with this feeling of substance – go.
    Yet my life has always ended up teaching me to let go – that I cannot really attach myself to anything permanently …
    It is humbling the validity and strength of the struggle that goes on…

  3. Sometimes Its difficult to surrender because of the fear that I will stop being who I am

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