Forgiveness is an aspect of love that allows us to see life events from the viewpoint of grace.  We forgive ourselves for the errors we made when we were less evolved.  It is helpful to see the ego or small part of ourselves as a cute little teddy bear.  The teddy bear is not “bad”; we don’t hate or scold the little bear.  We love it and accept it for what it is: a cute little animal who doesn’t know any better.  We transcend the smaller aspects of ourselves by accepting and loving them.  We see the ego as “limited,” not “bad.”

In the energy field of love, we are surrounded with love, and that brings gratitude.  We are thankful for our life and for all the miracles of life.  We are thankful for the doggies and the kitties, because they represent love. We are grateful for every act of kindness from others, their affection, caringness, and thoughtfulness.

Letting Go: The Pathway of Surrender, ch. 12, pg.176

4 thoughts on “Forgiveness”

  1. The Doc messages that are sent through email are very helpful reminders ~ right down to the doggies and the kitties. It is amazing to see them being carried out of Uguluslava (sp) and fed on the other side of the border!

    Thank you to everyone who takes the time!

  2. The rise in egotism and narcissism seen is this era prepares the way for Dr. H’S teachings to take broader root through the need to understand to bring healing and ultimately, acceptance.

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