What of Social Problems?

Being a social reformer is an entirely different career from that of seeking enlightenment.  It is well to remember that spiritual advancement influences everyone else from within, whereas force tries to change the external only.  Surrendering a personal grievance or grudge is more rewarding for all society than marching up and down with provocative signs and slogans.  To the spiritually advanced persons, whether other people agree with them or not is immaterial as they no longer need to look outside themselves for validation or agreement.

The Eye of the I: From Which Nothing is Hidden, hardcover,  ch. 13, pg. 198

5 thoughts on “What of Social Problems?”

  1. This is true…it is hard to live this when you feel upset about different problems in the world, but it is nevertheless true…

  2. people are so insecure that they need outside validation. To achieve peace within means getting in touch with our divine self and not responding to the selfish demands put on us.

  3. Thank you so much for the continual articles after we’ve lost doc. You’re a life saver, just as he was

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