The Chances of Becoming of Enlightened

Through spiritual alignment, intention, and devotion – aided by meditation, contemplation, authenticated instruction, and Truth; and assisted by the energy field of an advanced teacher – great leaps of consciousness can occur unexpectedly.  Thus, it is important to know of these leaps well in advance, as confirmed by consciousness research.

The chances of becoming enlightened are now more than one thousand times greater than at any time in the past, which means that reaching the level of Unconditional Love (calibration 540) is a very attainable and practical goal.  From the level of Unconditional love, the pathway is increasingly joyful.  At level 600, there occurs an infinite, silent stillness and peace – and progression from there is up to the Will of God, karma, and the potentialized Knowingness nascent within the spiritual aura.

The Ego is Not the Real You, pg. 135

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  1. According to Advaita teachings, stillness and peace can be obtained in two “steps or stages”:
    The first step is the witness (of our thoughts and feelings), and the second step is the insight that consciousness can be aware of itself, i.e. “being aware of being aware” to speak with British Advaita master Rupert Spira.

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