A Hidden Gift

One of the great secrets of relationship is acknowledgment.  The behavior of others toward us always includes a hidden gift.  Even if that behavior appears negative, there is something in it for us.  Very often that something appears in the form of a signal to us to become more aware.  Let’s say, for example, that somebody call us “stupid.”  Our natural response is one of anger.  We can use the energy of that anger consciously: “What is that person asking me to become more aware of?” If we ask ourselves the question, we may come to the realization that we were being self-centered; we were being uncaring; we were failing to acknowledge them; and we were not being conscious and aware of what was going on in the relationship.

If we constantly follow this procedure, we will come to the awareness that everyone in our life is acting as a mirror.  They are really reflecting back to us what we have failed to acknowledge within ourselves.  They are forcing us to look at what needs to be addressed.  What aspect of our smaller self needs to be relinquished? This means that we have to constantly let go of pride in order to undo anger, so that we can be grateful for the continual opportunities of growth with which we are presented in the course of every day experience.

Letting Go, Ch. 8, pg. 127-128

8 thoughts on “A Hidden Gift”

  1. It is uncanny how pertinent this weekly contemplation is to what is happening in my personal life now….as the saying goes…”thanks I needed that.”

  2. It’s amazing how when you need clarity it comes to you so easy by asking and allowing. This email came just like that for me.
    Thank you

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