Lifting the Consciousness Level of Mankind

People think it’s what you do or what you say or how you behave that matters.  No, it’s the consequence of that which you are.  So that which you are, if you sit alone in a cave, is influencing the consciousness level of mankind.  Even if you sit alone in a cave, it radiates out as an energy.  So, each one’s contribution raises the level of the sea.  People will ask me, “What can I do to help the world?” The best thing you can do is become the fulfillment of your own potential, because each inch that the sea rises lifts all the ships afloat.  Now, nobody has enough strength in and of himself to lift a ship, but everybody is contributing.

The Wisdom of Dr. David R. Hawkins, Ch. 3, pg. 44

3 thoughts on “Lifting the Consciousness Level of Mankind”

  1. I so love the good doctor’s teachings.They resonate within me, just as Dr. Emmet Fox’s wisdom does. The latest book you published, The Wisdom of Dr. David R Hawkins, calibrates at 970.

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