One Surprising Observation

One surprising observation about the mechanism of letting go is that major changes can take place very rapidly.  Lifetime patterns can suddenly disappear, and long-standing inhibitions can be let go of in a matter of minutes, hours, or days.  Rapid changes are accompanied by an increased aliveness.  The life energy set free by the letting go of negativity now flows into positive attitudes, thoughts, and feelings, with a progressive increase of personal power.

When the negative blocks and “I can’ts” are removed, whole new areas of life open up to us.  Success stems from doing what we like to do best, but most people are tied down to what they imagine they have to do.  As limitations are relinquished, whole new avenues of creativity and expression become available.  It is very common for people who use the letting go technique to suddenly come into abundance.

…As we let go of the negative, we come into our own power.  It happens of its own.  Happiness was in there all along and now it shines forth after the blocks to it have been surrendered.  We are now influencing everyone with whom we come in contact in a favorable way.

…Name an area of expression, no matter how seemingly small or insignificant, that has become a reality for you as result of the letting go method.  Write down the positive feelings you have about this newfound expression.  Then congratulate yourself on the work you have done!

The Letting Go Guided Journal: pg. 90-91

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