The Goal of Letting Go

The goal of letting go is the elimination of the very source of all suffering and pain. 

The replacement of a negative feeling by a higher one accounts for the many miracles we can experience in the course of life.  These become more frequent as we continue to let go.  As we surrender, life becomes more and more effortless.  There is a constant increase in happiness and pleasure, which requires less and less from the outer world to be experienced.  There is a diminution of needs and expectations of others.  We stop looking “out there” for what we now experience as coming from within ourselves. We let go of the illusion that others are the source of our happiness.  Instead of looking to get from others, we now look to give…

Ultimately, all negative feelings stem from the same source.  When enough negative feelings have been relinquished, that source reveals itself.  When that source itself is let go of and disidentified with, the ego dissolves.  The source of suffering, therefore, loses the very basis of its power.

The Letting Go Guided Journal pg. 94-95

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