Where or When Could Enlightenment Occur?

Q. If there is no reality such as time or here or now, nor a real ‘me’ to become enlightened, how can it be possible?

A: If it were a phenomenon that had to occur at a certain time or place, then indeed it would not be a possibility.  The only explanation is that the state or condition termed enlightenment already is a reality and therefore needs only to be allowed to be a realized in order to prevail.  What already “is” requires no future.  Acceptance is an ever-present option.  Complete surrender to God unveils the Truth.  Nothing is hidden; only the ego is blind.  Reality lies just beyond the mind.  Out of the fear of becoming nothing, consciousness denies its only reality that it is everything — the infinite, everlasting Allness out of which existence itself arises.

Truth prevails when falsity is surrendered.  To do this, however, requires great dedication, courage, and faith, which are supplied by divine inspiration in response to surrender.  The trigger is the consent of the Will.

The Eye of the “I”: From Which Nothing Hidden: Ch. 19, pg. 289-290


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  1. I love Dr Hawkins work. I’m a LMFT in practice for 42 years. All of my clients get his Map of Consciousness, etc.

    The above is so true.

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