All Life is Evolving Toward Its Perfection

Everyone is actually doing the best they can with what they have at the moment.  All of life is evolving toward its perfection.

It is possible to forgive our own past, as well as that of others, and to heal past resentments.  When we see the innocence in everyone, we can truly fulfill “loving our neighbor as ourselves.”

It is also possible to see the hidden gift in past events about which we have been resentful – including their possible karmic significance.  From the level of acceptance, it is possible to create a different context from which to view the past and thereby heal it.

    1. Write about a past event or behavior that you haven’t forgiven yourself for:

2.  Can you see your innocence and that you were just doing the best you    could with what your understanding was at the time? Can you apply this to others as well?

The Letting Go Guided Journal: How to Remove Your Inner Blocks to Happiness, Love and Success, Pg. 74-75

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