Devotion is like an inner valor or fortitude that incorporates courage, willingness, and conviction, together with the knowledge of essential information.  It develops wisdom, patience, and forbearance with experience.  Because of focus, it also develops skill and aptitude for processing the levels of consciousness as they are encountered.  Devotion learns to expect periods of delay or discouragement as well as moments of doubt or fear.  By virtue of devotion, there is alignment with inner integrity that results in the self-honesty and conviction necessary to transcend the seduction of transitory emotional payoffs of the intransigent ego.

The desire to reach Enlightenment is already a Divine gift to be treasured and revered.  “Many are called but few are chosen” could be rephrased as “Many are called but few choose to follow.” Thus, the choice is by decision and assent of the inner will, and by this assent, the enormous power of Divine Will aligns with intention and empowers devotion to overcome all obstacles.

Discovery of the Presence of God, Ch. 1, pg. 45-46

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  1. Susan – two major highlights of my life have been my trip to Sedona to see Dr. Hawkins, in 2000 I think, and receiving a “Doc” hug when he visited Unity Church here in Sacramento. Not to mention the importance of his teachings.

  2. Hello to all !
    I have a question that is not specifically about today’s quote.
    In the past Dr. Hawkins talked about the Course in Miracles.
    He said the course said that FEAR seems to be the trigger for all of our big problems.
    ( not the shaking in your boots type of FEAR, but a deep, deep
    rumbling that is unconscious and seems to be based on our experience of separation.)
    But in his book LETTING GO, Dr. H. said that the deeper level of fear is PRIDE, ( as in the
    7 DEADLY SINS of Pride, Greed, Lust, Gluttony, Envy, Sloth, Anger.) I’m confused. Which is the bottom line VIBRATION of our problems. He said both and actually spent a great deal of time speaking about the type of FEAR that the CIM describes. I really like the original idea better that he said FEAR, not PRIDE is the basic foundational problem vibration that we have.
    What do you think ? LARRY MELODY email is LRMM1947@GMAIL.COM

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