I Have a Hard Time with Acceptance…

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Divert your attention to that which is really essential, experientially.  Some days it rains; some days it’s sunny; some days it’s cloudy.  You can’t change the rain, but you can put on your raincoat.  You can be realistic and take the necessary steps to remain dry.  There are many aspects of life you can’t change, but you can let go of your expectation or need that they be different from what they are.  With observation, for instance, you will notice that there is always a war going on somewhere in the world.  So to be peaceful, it is necessary to accept that waging war is part of human nature and has been throughout all of recorded time.  Mankind has been at war 97% of the time.

Letting Go: The Pathway of Surrender, Ch. 21, pg. 330-331

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2 thoughts on “I Have a Hard Time with Acceptance…”

  1. A friend asked David, “Doc, what’s your advice for success in old age?” He said, 1. Trust women’s intuition. 2. Always choose peace. 3. And don’t fart in public!” Page 143 from “Life With ‘Doc'” by Susan Hawkins.

  2. War is wrong, always was wrong and always will be wrong. War comes against natural law and what is God. Not for one moment should we ever accept it.

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