Discovering Self-Approval and Self-Acceptance

As you progress along the spiritual path, you begin to see that you are sufficient unto yourself and are answerable only to yourself.  The question becomes simple: Am I fulfilling my greatest capacity to God, to myself, to my fellow man, and to those I love? Your obligation to divinity is to be all that you can be to yourself, to God and to everyone.  In this way, you are fulfilling your promise.  Therefore, what could approval do for you? Approval doesn’t do anything  but build up your ego.  If you’re lacking nothing, that approval is unnecessary.  If you’ve done the best you can, you don’t need other people’s approval.

What is the purpose of human life then? It facilitates the evolution of consciousness to the realization of our ultimate reality.  It’s a part of the pathway to enlightenment.

New! – In the World but Not of It, ch. 2, pg. 24-25

This book will be released on March 28th.

2 thoughts on “Discovering Self-Approval and Self-Acceptance”

  1. a wonderful explanation and exploration of human desire to achieve and to be acknowledged. I agree 100% with the good doctor’s diagnosis.

  2. I have read several books of Dr Hawkins books which has helped me put on the path of realizing myself as a new person . Thank you Dr Hawkins.

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