Keep Your Mind Where Your Body Is

It used to be said, “Keep your mind where your body is,” meaning in the exact moment of now.  The average person is worrying about the future or hanging on to the past.  For the future, you’re going to anticipate positive responses, but also you anticipate fear.

Beginners in spiritual consciousness research tend to get confused because they mix consciousness levels.  What’s meant in one context cannot be criticized from another context.  You can’t contradict a statement from a different level of consciousness any more than you can criticize theology from the viewpoint of science.  There are different paradigms. You can’t criticize mathematics from the viewpoint of spirituality. That’s mixing levels.  For instance, a person might say, “Well, yes, I’m living in the now when I worry; I’m worrying right now.  I’m living in the present when I regret the past; I’m regretting the past right now.  So if I live in the right now, I’ve got regret over the past and anxiety about the future.  Then that’s what I’m worried  about right now.  And that’s my now, my now is full of anxiety and regrets.”

Then they say, “Well to get rid of regret and anticipatory fear, I need to get out of the now.  By tomorrow, I’ll have figured it all out.” This is also denoting time.  Just because you’re paying attention to something doesn’t make it the now.  A contemplative life style…can help take you out of the ambiguity about now and not now and the future and the past; because when seen from the viewpoint of the witness of consciousness itself, there isn’t any now, there isn’t any past, there isn’t any future.

Phenomena are unfolding, but they’re not unfolding within a linear track.  There isn’t a time track within consciousness.  In consciousness, all things are equally present all the time because it’s beyond time.  There is no place within the infinite field of consciousness because it’s infinite.

New! In the World but Not of It: Transforming Everyday Experiences into a Spiritual Pathway, Pgs. 40-41


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  1. Can’t wait to read this one, and thank you so much, Susan, for Life with Doc! It was really inspirational, and you’re an excellent writer.

  2. Years ago when I first encountered Dr. Hawkins he seemed revolutionary and his thoughts mind bending. Now I read him and his writings as an old friend timeless in relevance and comforting in consistency.

  3. Great book! You’ll not want to put it down. As a bonus there is so much information, you will want to read it again and again. I love Dr. David Hawkins and keep a lot of his timeless knowledge in a journal and have many of his ideas, thoughts on sticky notes pasted everywhere in my home. Thank you Dr. Love and light.

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