Realizing the Presence of God

The presence of God as love is self-revealing, since the duality of perception ceases as a consequence of surrendering positionalities.Ā  Love is therefore the doorway between the linear and the nonlinear domains.Ā  It is the grand avenue to the discovery of God.

There is absolutely nothing in ordinary human experience to compare with the joy of the presence of the love of God.Ā  No sacrifice is too great nor effort too much in order to realize that presence.

Daily Reflections from Dr. David R. Hawkins, pg. 80 and pg. 83

6 thoughts on “Realizing the Presence of God”

  1. Wow. That is my profound comment. It’s all I could come up with. Wow. And thank you.

  2. Everything is the face of God, but there is a face that is more God than the rest. And that is the face of Doc. I am thankful beyond words and comprehention

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