Without a Change of Consciousness…

Unfortunately, the inner experience of most people is marked by constant turmoil, most of which is psychological in origin.  In other words, the main stress the majority of us have is not due to external stimuli, but to the pressure of our own suppressed emotions. These emotions become the primary stressor so that, even in a calm external environment, we are still subject to chronic, internal strife.  The more emotional pressure that is surrendered and let go, the less vulnerable we are to the stress response and stress-related diseases.

It is we ourselves who create stressful reactions as a consequence of what we are holding within us.  The suppressed feelings determine our belief systems and literally create events and incidents in the world, events that we, then, turn around and blame for our reactions.

Without a change of consciousness, there is no real reduction of stress.  Only the consequences are ameliorated.  Thought is powerful because it has a high rate of vibration.  A thought is actually a thing; it has an energy pattern.  The more energy we give it, the more power it has to manifest itself physically.  The conscious use of the mechanism of surrender is most effective in addressing chronic stress-related illnesses.  The way to change our bodies is to change our thoughts and feelings.

Special quotes to remember:The only power or energy that anything has over us is the power of belief that we give it.” and “Love stimulates endorphins and life energy, bringing a healing balm to stress-prone lives.”

The Letting Go Guided Journal: pg. 81,82,83

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