The Spiritually Evolved Person…

The spiritually evolved person who has few wants or attachments is relatively immune to grief, as the experience of the source of happiness originates from within and is not dependent on externals. If the source of happiness is acquired through ego mechanisms, it is based on imagery, belief systems, and projected values rather than on Absolute Reality itself, which is invulnerable to loss.  Objects, qualities, or relationships become overvalued by virtue of the mechanism of attachment and the ensuing projection of value.

Daily Reflections from Dr. David R. Hawkins, pg. 21

6 thoughts on “The Spiritually Evolved Person…”

  1. It’s getting more and more important to live a life based on internal values. Not being swayed away by any News from the TV or internet. Being at peace with yourself no matter what are the breaking News on the TV.

  2. Turning the gaze inward, I find beauty, peace, and harmony that is so profound that its expression is all that matters. The inner world is the fertile ground of creation, the external allows us to manifest from our inner garden for the good of all. One gives of what they have become, or better yet as if remembering a truth that is at once sublime yet powerful.

  3. Every day I work on letting go…. Feelings, thoughts that make me uneasy …
    This helps a lot!
    Experience inner peace and happiness is coming closer and closer

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