The Goal of Letting Go is Transcendence

Each of us has a limit to the number of negative feelings we have stored up.  When the pressure behind an emotion has been let go, the emotion no longer occurs.  For instance, if fear is constantly surrendered for a period of time, eventually it runs out.  It then becomes difficult or almost impossible to feel further fear.  It takes progressively more and more of a stimulus to elicit it, until the person who has surrendered so much fear actually has to search for it diligently.  The energy of fear simply isn’t there anymore.  Anger also progressively diminishes so that even a major provocation fails to elicit it.  A person with little fear or anger feels primarily love all of the time and experiences a loving acceptance of events, people, and the vicissitudes of life.

The goal of surrender is transcendence.

The Letting Go Guided Journal:  pg. 95

4 thoughts on “The Goal of Letting Go is Transcendence”

  1. I’ve benefitted amazingly from practicing Letting Go! It takes so much more for me to get angry and I recover much more quickly. But the biggest shift has been experiencing that I am love and sharing that with others more and more!!

  2. I take Doc’s advice “blame it all on God”. This dictum for me removed all sense of guilt and “me-ness”. Thank you DocGuru. ❤️

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