Human Consciousness is Intrinsically Innocense

The willingness to surrender life to God, of course, is one of the most profound spiritual tools. So people ask which spiritual tools are the most powerful. I always say humility, the willingness to surrender life, to let go wanting to control it, to let go wanting to change it, the willingness to surrender how you see things to God, then, or to some higher spiritual principle, because God is not a reality. It’s just a word to most people, a hoped-for reality but not an experiential reality to most people, until they become more spiritually advanced and begin to experience the presence of the field itself and intuit its enormous power.

And then they reverence God because they respect the infinite power that they begin to intuit. So what we can do on a practical level, then, is become the best person we can become. I’d say to become kind toward all of life in all of its expressions, no matter what. And that includes one’s self, to be willing to forgive one’s self, to see the limitation of human consciousness. I always feel that the more educated you are about the quality of consciousness, the nature of consciousness, the easier it is to follow spiritual principles. If you understand that human consciousness is intrinsically innocent and cannot control that which it’s programmed by because it can’t tell truth from falsehood, you begin to feel compassion automatically. …Once you understand the intrinsic innocence of human consciousness, you instantly are able to forgive people.

New! The Highest Level of Enlightenment, Ch. 9, pg. 88-89