You’re Being Pulled by Destiny

How doe one transcend this identification with the ego?

First of all, merely to hear the truth already has an impact, whether you know it or not.Ā  …The Buddha said to have even heard of enlightenment, you will never be satisfied with anything less, never; through all your lifetimes, you have heard it.Ā  Everyone in this room has heard it, or they wouldn’t be here. It’s the future that’sĀ  creating your present.Ā  You think it’s your past that is propelling yourself from the past, that you’re being pushed by your past.Ā  No, you’re being sucked into your future.

You’re being pulled by destiny, because by an act of the will you have already chosen your destiny, and now this is the unfolding of what is required to reach it.Ā  That’s all.

The Highest Level of Enlightenment: Ch. 8, pg. 75