Devotional Non-Duality

Devotional nonduality means the love for God is enough that you’re willing to surrender everything that stands in the way of the realization of the presence of divinity, which turns out not to be an “other” but the Self.¬† You thought it was going to be out there later.¬† It’s the source of one’s existence, to come to the realization, the radical reality of subjectivity.¬† We take subjectivity for granted.¬† We take the field for granted.¬† ¬†We take consciousness for granted.¬† This (Silence)¬† is what we take for granted.¬† This (content) is what we think is important.¬† This is what’s trivial and irrelevant, and this (Silence) is what you are.¬† We ignore what we are and return to focusing on that which we are not.

At this very instant, 99 percent of your mind is silent.¬† The reason you don’t notice it is because you’re focused on the 1 percent that’s noisy.

 The Highest Level of Enlightenment: ch. 8, pg.77  (New!)