The Experiencer Witness


Now, how do you know what thoughts you’re experiencing?

Because you’re witnessing them.¬† You’re registering them.¬† So, you can move out of identification with the content of consciousness, the thinkingness, to be the watcher, the witness, the experiencer, and that already takes you one step out of it.¬† So, you’re no longer the victim of it. You’re the witness of it.¬† You’re not in the accident.¬† You’re a bystander.¬† So you move from being in the accident to being the bystander of the accident.¬† You’re the witness of the tragedy.¬† You’re the witness of the thinkingness.¬† You’re the witness of the self-blame.¬† So with a little meditation, and a little contemplation it’s easy to realize that that which you really are is the experiencer witness.¬† You’re the experiencer witness.¬† You’re not what is being witnessed. You’re not the picture on the wall, obviously. And you can’t be the memory because what you’re thinking about was yesterday and today is today, unless you can also be in yesterday and today at the same time.¬† Obviously, that which you are is the witness of the thoughts. What we complain about is the experience.

The Highest Level of Enlightment: Pg. 107-108