The Level of Acceptance

The level of acceptance is characterized by the attitude of selflessness and service.Ā  This results from the surrendering of the negative feelings that create the small self, which removes our identification with it.Ā  Instead, inner harmony and peace are experienced as the nature of our greater Self.Ā  Because the negative programs have been relinquished, there is the emergence of greater creativity, inspiration, and intuition.

There is certainty that our own personal needs will be met; therefore, there is a shift in relationship so that the focus is on the welfare and happiness of others. This is facilitated by the fact that, at this level, there is no longer neediness in the form of dependency on other people, because there is nothing we feel we need to “get” from them.Ā  In a relationship of loving acceptance, minor imperfections are no longer given serious importance and are overlooked.

Letting Go: Ch. 11, pg.168-169