Using Letting Go in Problem Solving

The effectiveness of the letting go mechanism in problem solving is quite astonishing.  Understanding the process involved here is very important, because it is quite different than the world’s usual methods.  The approach that brings fast and easy results is the following: Don’t look for answers; instead, let go of the feelings behind the question.  When we are surrendered on the feeling behind the question, we can let go of any other feelings that we might also have about what seems to be the problem.  When we are finally and fully surrendered on all components, the answer will be there waiting for us.  We won’t have to look for it.

…Let’s see how the system works with a common everyday example.  Let’s say that we disagree with our mate on which movie to see.  We look to see what the feeling is behind the problem.  In this case, let’s say that we find the feeling of anger and resentment, specifically that we feel resentful about the lack of romantic time spent together.  What we really want tonight is affectionate time spent together. As we let it be okay inside ourselves that what we really want is affectionate togetherness, it suddenly dawns on us that we don’t want to go to a movie at all.  We just want to be together.

Letting Go: The Pathway of Surrender: Ch. 16,  pg.227-228