Love is the Level of True Happiness

The 500 Level is characterized by the development of an energy field that is progressively unconditional, unchanging, and permanent.  It does not fluctuate because its source within the person who loves is not dependent on external factors.  Lovingness is a way of being in and relating to the world and is forgiving, nurturing, and supportive.  Love is not intellectual and does not proceed from the mind; love emanates from the heart.  It has the capacity to lift others and accomplish great feats because of it purity of motive.

…Love takes no position and thus is global, rising above the separation of positionality.  It is then possible to be ‘one with another’ as there are no longer any barriers.  Love is therefore inclusive and progressively expands the sense of self.  Love focuses on the goodness of life in all its expressions and augments that which is positive.  It dissolves negativity by recontextualzing it rather than by attacking it.  As such, it is benign, supportive, and nurtures life; consequently, it is the level of true happiness.

Transcending the Levels of Consciousness, Ch. 14, pg. 247-248